• We run for the senior staff for hard questions, or when we lack the assertiveness to say ‘no’! Sometimes, there’s a limit on the amount of fees we can forgive ($10 as a rule of thumb), so we need the team leader’s approval.
  • I’m sad to see a lot of vibrant staff run into the ground by the beaurocracy, inflexibility and plain thickheadedness of exectutives/senior management/council. We have a real capacity to do real good for people who need it, but after 20 years, they’re in no condition to lend a helping hand because they’re spread thin, like butter on too much bread.
  • We get surprisingly busy, and it can be exciting! Peak times are usually first thing, just after school gets out, and any new library building for at least 6 months.
  • If you see someone who’s swamped ring a doorbell, help is on the way!
  • Library work can be a bit boring sometimes!
  • I spend a lot of the time standing. When I first started in libraries, coming from a desk job, I thought my feet would fall off for about the first 6 weeks. Can you spell agony?
  • I’m not allowed to touch your kids. Sometimes, it would be the most natural thing in the world, but I still can’t. This can make it surprisingly tricky to run a kids’ activity. I had a toddler in a storytime last week who wanted one thing, and one thing only: to sit in my lap. What can you do? In this instance, I spent most of the session doing something that felt really unnatural to me: holding her at arm’s length.
  • Someone sneezed on my pen today. Gross!

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