Your resume is not proof of address, sorry!

If you ask me for the ‘documentary books’, I’m trying not to laugh on the way to the non-fiction section. (Happened yesterday)

I don’t watch GoT! Well, I don’t. I just don’t think it will add anything to my life, and I take issue with some of the things I’ve heard about the way it portrays women. No, I don’t have to watch it to know these things.

I wish more cute guys came in to libraries!

I made my Dad sign up to the library and give me his card because mine was constantly full of woodworking books!

I don’t read a lot of the books I borrow. I borrow them so I’m not standing at work, reading a book instead of working. This means a lot of the books I borrow are duds. But the advantage? Carrying them home is good for my bone density!

I never cease to be surprised by how varied my job is. I printed a jam drop recipe for a customer this morning…and spent a few minutes guarding a hive of stingless native bees. Yesterday I spent 15 minutes peeling clear gummy tape left from old posters off the windows, and the day before that, I set up a hall for a kids’ reading club ceremony.