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About me…

I love reading. I also work in a public library, which means I field a lot of…enquiries…far too many of which involve the borrowing of staplers and pens, the location of toilets, ambient temperature, and whether or not our local homeless population have been moved on by police.

So I created this blog- just for the books!

I am currently working on an exceedingly dodgy first draft of an exceptionally low quality novel, mostly for my own amusement. Plus, it’s cheaper than paying someone to listen to me go on and on.

As well as novels, this blog will likely feature non-fiction books about: writing, food, orchids, motorbike(s) and riding technique, movies, beauty, psychology, economics, and random things that catch my eye. I do work in a library, after all.

This blog is not likely to feature books about: cars, parenting, the Beatles, anything overly political, many biographies or home improvement.

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